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Welcome to the interactive parcel management system.

I'm your virtual guide Ellen from UPSP and I'll be helping you today.

First, I need you to confirm that you are ?

Thank you for confirming !

We have a parcel with you as a recipient, but the label was damaged - attached is a picture of your parcel.

Please indicate if we should deliver this parcel to a private or a business address?

Thank you . In order to deliver your parcel, we need to get your details,as we currently only have your name and phone-number/email-address on record. The rest of the label is not readable.

I will redirect you to a form where you can fill in your delivery details.

As the details of the sender also are not readable on the label,we have to charge you for the manual handling of the package, as we cannot bill it back to an unknown sender. Since you used this automated flow, the price will just be a small fee.